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Gill Peck

Gill Peck

Lead Educator

My name is Gill Peck and I am the Lead Educator for the EMPOWER team.

I have been working in diabetes for the last 30 years, mainly as a Diabetes Specialist Nurse, so I bring plenty of experience to help and support the rest of the team and the people who attend the course. It can be a worrying time when you are first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. But don’t panic. The EMPOWER course will help you learn how to self-manage your Type 2 diabetes and reduce your risk of long term complications - then you can carry on living life to the full. 


Rebecca Crutchley

Rebecca Crutchley

Educator & Co-ordinator

I am an EMPOWER Educator. I bring 15 years experience within the NHS to the EMPOWER team, supporting Gill Peck, our Lead Educator, in delivering the course - helping diagnosed patients with Type 2 diabetes to understand and manage their life long condition. I believe the EMPOWER course is a key part of learning to self-manage diabetes, linked to joined up care planning, screening and medicine management.  Gill and l are here to answer your questions - helping you to better understand your diabetes and make positive changes to your everyday life.


Sabera Khan


I am an Educator for the EMPOWER team. I have been a Nurse with the NHS for over 35 years and have worked as a Diabetes Specialist Nurse for the last 11 years, running nurse led clinics to support people with diabetes eye complications.

I have been delivering education to people with diabetes for nearly 10 years and bring my experience to support the rest of the team and help the people who attend the course manage their diabetes more effectively.


Parminder Basra


I am an EMPOWER Educator for the EMPOWER team. I bring 20 years experience of working in the community, supporting people to improve their lives.  I enjoy working with the team to deliver education, helping diagnosed patients with Type 2 diabetes to understand and manage their life long condition. I also provide support to BME groups to help them engage in the programme and benefit from learning new skills to help them manage their diabetes successfully and live a healthy lifestyle.



Sue MacGregor


I have been delivering EMPOWER for the past 2 years.

It’s a real joy to be able to help patients understand their diabetes and very rewarding seeing what a difference EMPOWER education can make to the individuals journey going forward. Before this, I worked in NHS nursing for 15 years and then 10 years working alongside the NHS in an infant nutrirition advisory role.


Geeta Chauhan


I support Educators with delivering the course by providing administrative and practical support. I am happy to help you on the day with any questions.

The EMPOWER programme helps you to understand and self-manage your life long condition so you can reduce your risk of long term complications and so you can have an overall better quality of life. 

It is rewarding to see the positive impact the education has on patients.

Bhavisha Maru

Bhavisha Maru

Education Services Manager

Hi, I am the Education Services Manager. My number one priority is to ensure you have everything you need in order to make your journey with EMPOWER smooth, straightforward and successful. The EMPOWER Programme is designed to be educational, interactive and fruitful, and the amazing EMPOWER team will guarantee this is delivered to you, in order for you to confidently self-manage your Type 2 Diabetes. If you would like to know more or have a chat, I am always happy to hear from you and answer any questions about EMPOWER.

Saima Ibrahim

Saima Ibrahim

Empower Administrator

I am the EMPOWER Administrator for the EMPOWER team. I am here to make sure you are offered the EMPOWER course which is best suited for you.

I will be in touch with you to find out the best time and place for you to attend an EMPOWER course and make sure you have everything you need for your course.

If you have any questions about EMPOWER feel free to contact me.